About Me

Hi, I’m Jackie. I am a full time working Mum to two gorgeous girls, married to the most supporting husband and my bestfriend. We have a big love in our house, we love going on holidays and we have a cute cosy life. Sounds perfect right?! Well it ain’t always but we learn to roll with it.

I created Smart Parenting to be an easy-to-read source of information on the major aspects of being a parent, raising a child, health and lifestyle, dinner ideas, advice for new parents, child development and so much more.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will find the information here helpful.

Important information for my readers: I do not pretend to be a doctor nor am I an expert, my website is for your information only. Its advice offered is purely for your guidance and does not replace any medical opinion or advice given. If you are unsure about anything suggested please make your own informed choice.


Jackie x