Discovering Europe Travel Game|Family Board Game

If you are looking for some fun board games to play with the whole family, then look no further…Discovering Europe is all that you need. This family board game is packed with fun along the way. Some features of the game are listed below.

  • Discovering Europe Game is a strategic board game where you travel around Europe.
  • Discover the difficulties of travelling whether it means encountering road blocks or leaving fate up to chance- pick up a cunning Chance card to throw a spanner in the works!
  • Capture the fun and adventure of touring Europe in this exciting travel board game.

Discovering Europe is a game of strategy, it provides a fun way for you and your family to improve your grasp on European geography. Your European tour may be impeded by road blocks, or a chance card could send you in entirely the opposite direction. You may also get the chance to send an opponent to somewhere obscure! Entertaining and educational. Discovering Europe can be played by 2-6 players from age 8 and up.

So if you are looking for board games for kids to play at home, I highly recommend this one.

Buy the game here: Discovering Europe Travel Game

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