Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Easter Sunday

So, Easter is here and us Mums are looking for ideas on how to entertain the kids. There are lots of Easter egg hunts happening around the area, especially at National Trust places they are doing Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts which are really good, as we have been on them a few times. However, if it is a rainy day and you don’t fancy venturing out then why not try doing an Easter Egg hunt in your house? Below are some Easter egg hunt ideas that you can try and do in your own house this Easter Sunday in which I am sure is just going to be just as fun as doing it outside.

First make a sign and a poem to start the Easter egg hunt …

The Easter Bunny’s been today

He dropped some eggs along the way

Follow the clues – you need to be wise

As they will lead you to your prize

Clue number 1:

Clue hidden in your child’s bed

This clue’s snug and cosy

Go and take a peep

It’s underneath a pillow

Where [insert your child’s name] likes to sleep.

Clue number 2:

Clue hidden in the fridge

This clue is shivering

Somewhere very cold

With milk and eggs and ham

Find it – do as you’re told!

Clue number 3:

Clue hidden inside a book

This clue is on some shelves

So go and take a look

It’s hidden amongst words and pictures

Inside your favourite …

Clue number 4:

Clue hidden in the washing machine

We hope this clue’s not spinning round

With lots of soapy bubbles

If Mummy turns this machine on

The poor clue will be in trouble!

Clue number 5:

Clue hidden in a pair of wellies

This clue is hiding in the dark

In somewhere rather smelly

We put these on to jump in mud

It’s hidden in a …

Clue number 6:

Clue hidden in the washing basket

Lift up the lid

Of a basket, not a box

The next clue is hiding

With dirty pants and socks!

Clue number 7:

Clue hidden near the TV

This clue is near a magic box

We like to watch each day

It shows pictures of Peppa Pig and Postman Pat

Go find it right away!

Clue number 8:

Clue hidden in a drawer

The next clue is hidden in a place

Where Daddy keeps his socks

We hope they’re not too smelly

Or the clue will get a shock!

Clue number 9:

Clue hidden in the dolls house

This clue’s right at home

In a tiny living room

It’s too small for you to live in

Hurry – find it soon

Clue number 10:

Clue hidden under the table

This clue is under something with four legs

But it can’t even walk a bit

It’s a place where hungry people

Often like to sit

Clue number 11:

Clue hidden in the bath

This clue is hiding somewhere

Next to rubber ducks

I hope no one turns the taps on

Quick – go and take a look

I cannot take full credit in these though as I have found them in a very good website, which you can go here https://www.netmums.com/easter/easter-egg-hunt-clues/make-a-sign. In their website there are more ideas/clues that you can use and they also give you an opportunity to print out the clues.

I only used 11 of the clues and I got the children to find the missing letter in each clues to form a Spring related word in which in this case I used the word ‘Easter Bunny’. I also decided  not to print the clues out and I just wrote them myself instead. See photo below.

I hope your children will have so much fun doing this Easter Egg Hunt finding the clues and getting a prize at the end of it.

Have fun and have a Happy Easter x

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