One of the best kids garden toys

kids garden toys

So, recently I have been finding ways to keep my children (aged 11 and 10) not only entertained but to get them outside playing in the garden and be active. They are in that age now where it is getting slightly harder to occupy and entertain them as they would rather much stay glued in to their electronics.

Luckily for us we do have a big garden, but finding things for them to do is getting harder by the day. We have tried different ball games and obstacle courses but 4 weeks on the lockdown and those are getting a little bit boring for them now.

So, I spent a couple minutes searching online of any other things we can do in the comfort of our own gardens and I came across these 2 kids garden toys that I absolutely highly recommend. Both of my children spent hours playing with these outdoor toys and I must say my husband had fun too 😉


kids garden toys

Double your fun this summer! Water filled splash pool bumper for added stability. High spraying water arches. Easily attaches to any garden hose. Both my children had a lot of fun playing with this. So easy to set up and I highly recommend this.

Zuru Bunch of Balloons

water games

Want to soak the competition with speed and ease never seen before?
Fill & Tie 100 water balloons in just 60 seconds, that’s 100 water balloons locked, loaded and delivered at rapid speed! Attach ZURU Bunch O Balloons to any nozzle and fill them all at once for epic ammunition.

Like I said above, I highly recommend these kids garden toys. As long as the sun is shining during lockdown, I know that both my kids will be out in the garden having fun with these outdoor toys and not stuck in their bedrooms on their electronics 😉

Buy the water slide here

Buy the bunch o balloon here

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