VE Day 2020 – What is VE Day?

VE Day

Friday 8 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

What is VE Day?

VE day stands for victory in Europe and marks the end of the Second World War in Europe on the 8th May 1945. Although, this does not mark the end of the war, as the war continued in the Pacific against Japan and it officially ended in September.

Why is it significant?

This question can be interpreted in two key ways. First, the allied countries had achieved victory in Europe and the end of World War Two was in sight. Secondly, we must not forget the millions of people who lost their lives due to war.

VE Day

How can we remember it?

The most important thing to remember victory day is that we are not celebrating war. We are remembering those people who fought, died and contributed to the war effort.

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 crisis, families and communities across the nation will not be able to celebrate this 75th anniversary in the same way.

We hope to be able to celebrate VE Day properly when precautions allow, but for now please continue to observe government advice: stay home, stay safe, and protect our NHS. Celebrate in your own home, back garden or front garden if you have one, but please do not be tempted to visit relatives or friends.

How to celebrate VE Day in a most possible safest way

Why not prepare for the day by decorating your house (inside and outside) in red, white and blue.

Get crafting

There are so many free printable that you can download online. Twinkl for example is a really good website. They offer so many VE Day resources that you can download for free.

Download My Free Home Celebration VE Day Resources

Download the British Legions VE Day Resources for older children

Get cooking

This is  good opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! From spam hash, or homity pie to eggless fruit cake, we could certainly be innovative! Here are a few recipes ideas!

Do your hair and make-up

Possibly nearly all of us may have been skipping our make-up recently, and we haven’t paying much attention on our hair! Well, on Friday 8 May why not make it an opportunity to make an effort and dig out the lippy, curl your hair and maybe dress up?! Once again, talk to your family or search the internet for hair, fashion and make-up ideas from the 1940s. Just some of the famous hairstyles during that time are: Pin Curls, regular rolls, victory rolls and so much more.

And then why not join or tell your neighbours to join in a nationwide stay at home street party!

Have a 2 minute silence

At 11 am there will be a 2 minute silence and everyone are encouraged to take part in a national moment of remembrance and pause for a Two Minute Silence to honour the service and sacrifice of the Second World War. You can also do this outside your house, in your front garden. Just remember the 2 metre social distancing rule!

At 3pm Churchill speech is shown on BBC. Then why not grab your picnic blankets or garden table and head to your front garden for:

4pm – tea and scones (or coffee and cake)

6pm – dinner and raise your glass to your neighbours.

From 8pm – there will be an evening of memories and music in partnership with the BBC on BBC One.

9pm – a nationwide sing-a-long to “We’ll meet again” with the Royal British Legion after the Queen’s address.

Please remember to follow the social distancing rules if you are joining in with your neighbours for a stay at home street party.

Tell us what you’re doing!.

Please let us know in the comments about what you’re doing to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day!

Have fun and stay safe!

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